This year's conference is focused on THE SOURCE of your obsession. Learn how to identify your gift, live in alignment with your purpose, and establish a profitable and scalable business that inspires, fascinates, and motivates both you, and your team.

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Build a life you can be


The Obsessed Conference was founded on a singular principle; to reinvent the identity of what's traditionally a tired, worn-out, pitch-heavy professional development conference.

Obsessed Conferences bring tactical strategies that allow professionals to leave with clarity, confidence, and conviction in how to grow their revenue, expand their networks, build structures that don't break at scale, and ultimately stop sacrificing the life they're shooting for, for the life they've defaulted to.


Join the world’s most forward-thinking professionals.

You should be at the next Obsessed Conference.


Yes, you’re not the only one. We grew tired of the value-deficient, pitch-heavy events that are just masks for an “additional investment” to “scale your life more than you could have ever dreamed!”

We believe you attend conferences to expand your network, learn from those who have paved the way before you, and ultimately bring new and refreshing strategies back to your office so you can eliminate hurdles and dominate your market.

Growing frustrated with the lack of authentic options available at affordable prices, we took responsibility to bring the solution.

Welcome, to the Obsessed Conference.


Here’s how we’re different.

  • Relationship liaisons making introductions so you can expand your network.
  • Speakers are hand-selected only based on data. You can not “pay to play” at the Obsessed Conference; if you are not a verifiable market-leader, you won’t be on the Obsessed Conference stage.
  • Pitch-heavy keynotes are not allowed. While speakers are allowed to bring new opportunities for the audience to engage with them on a deeper level, you will not experience the traditional bombardment of “buy my product” over an entire day.
  • Our highly customized, entertainment-forward environment is specifically built to imitate concerts and other experiences. Simply put, the Obsessed Conference is a highly-energetic visual experience in addition to delivering unparallelled professional value.


Part of delivering a conference unlike any other is an event space that’s unmatched.

The Obsessed Conference will never be in a hotel conference room, and our partnership with The Bomb Factory in Dallas is a continual commitment to deliver a unique experience to attendees, every year.

If you’re tired of worn-out, old-fashioned events, The Obsessed Conference will be a breath of fresh air.



(All ticket purchases receive all-inclusive access to Obsessed Conference virtual experiences happening in Q1, 2021 at no additional cost!)

Group discounts are available for parties of 10 or more. Please contact us to arrange a call with our sales staff if you are interested in a group discount.

Conference Lineup

Learn from the world’s leading personal & professional growth experts.

Evan Stewart

Life & Business Strategist

Evan Stewart is a world-renowned life and business strategist with a mastery in building dominant, sustainable, and purpose-driven lives and businesses.

Evan’s unparalleled competence emerges from his experience building multiple 7- and 8-figure companies. His work alongside powerful influencers, professional athletes, high-level executives, and political leaders has helped shape the future of business and has had impact across the globe.

Through a unique blend of professional, personal, and spiritual development, Evan Stewart is sought after for sound counsel regarding clarity, purpose, giftedness, calling, and obsession, in addition to his expertise in scaling companies and driving profits for small, mid-market, and corporate organizations.

His proprietary training systems, ability to refine an individual’s mission and message, and proficiency in honing the gifts and unique abilities of each of his private clients are among the highest-regarded tools his clients utilize to achieve their life and business goals. Simply put, Evan’s work transcends cultural, physical, economic, and spiritual boundaries to stir the souls of the people and businesses with whom he works.

As the Founder and Chief Evangelist for Obsessed Academy™, Evan helps others build a life they can be obsessed about™ through private events, hosting thousands of world-changers at the Obsessed Conference, impacting lives on the Obsessed Podcast, speaking to the world’s most forward-thinking companies, and more.

Judge Graham

The Scale & Culture Authority™

Judge Graham is a hard-hitting, action-oriented entrepreneur with a successful track record of growing companies and selling them for hundreds of millions of dollars.

His companies have won numerous high-profile business accolades, including Inc. 5000 and multiple best places to work awards. He has also been featured in media outlets like AdWeek, Ad Age, Forbes, Bloomberg, CNBC, Money and many more.

He currently hosts the top-rated Scale & Exit podcast and is an acclaimed author. Judge is the go-to expert on helping businesses identify and capitalize on opportunities to improve revenue and corner markets through integration of cutting-edge positioning, culture, technology, marketing and sales.

Judge lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with his wife Jordan and their two boys Jake and Jett.

Tim Storey

Life Coach to the "Stars"

Tim Storey is an acclaimed author, speaker, and life coach helping people create the future they desire.

He has inspired people from all walks of life, from entertainment legends to professional athletes... from executives to deprived children throughout the world. Using seasoned foundational principles and humor to get honest with people so they can overcome the obstacles that are holding them back. Tim has traveled to seventy-five countries and spoken to millions of people. He often meets privately to counsel high-profile leaders in various industries.

Tim has partnered with phenomenal organizations to spread love and hope. Spending time with the Fred Jordan Mission in Los Angeles’ Skid Row, Music Unites Day in Los Angeles’ Compton schools, and Kid‘s Haven orphanage in Johannesburg, South Africa.

He leads Congregation Church in Placentia, CA, which meets weekly and provides spiritual insight and direction for people of diverse ages, backgrounds, and needs. He is featured on nationally syndicated Keep the Faith Radio each weekend, providing short inspirational moments and is featured on Steve Harvey TV Facebook LIVE weekly. He was a featured guest on Oprah’s SuperSoul Sunday, Steve Harvey TV, Grant Cardone’s 10X Growth Con, and many more. Tim has authored multiple books, with the most recent, Comeback & Beyond, being a top seller on Amazon.

Tim has two adult children from his previous marriage and lives in Southern California.

Brittany Stewart

Joy & Strategic Process Expert

Brittany Stewart is a process expert who specializes in identifying complicated organizational structures and establishing a simple and digestible solution for mid-range and “at-scale” corporations. Currently, in her position as the Chief Joy Officer for Obsessed Academy™, Brittany manages and streamlines the processes of private-client growth management, corporate restructuring and development, and large-scale public events such as the Obsessed Conference, Obsessed Academy bootcamps and masterminds, and more.

Through her intentional and finely-tuned gifts, and an innate ability to recognize the harmony between a solutions-driven process and maximizing human potential, Brittany is sought-after as an invaluable resource for increasing profits, stabilizing operations, and for building simplicity and clarity back into an unstructured and misaligned organizations.

Ben Humble

Real Estate Mogul

Beniamin (Ben) Muresan was born in 1985 in Romania, at a time when the country was under communist rule. His family escaped before the revolution and landed in an Austrian refugee camp in 1990. After immigrating to Canada and eventually reuniting with his siblings, Ben developed a passion for life and a mindset focussed on gratitude. His parents’ sacrifice for a better life fostered a deep sense of responsibility within him early on in life. He dreamt of building an empire: motivating, entertaining, and investing in other people.

The oldest of nine children, Ben grew up quickly and helped manage the household. His parents juggled several jobs to provide for their growing family. Although he didn't have luxuries, Ben wouldn't trade his upbringing for anything. His father became a pastor at their church and his mother, a restaurant owner. His father’s love of people and his mother's unrelenting drive shaped Ben's view of the world and his own ambitions.

Ben discovered his passion for music at a young age, playing piano in church, which has continued into his adult life. Always challenging the status quo, Ben is always pushing boundaries and asking, “what's next?" Twenty years later, Ben has developed the largest private mortgage company in Southwestern Ontario, with a mission to serve young families and make homeownership

His company, Forte Real Estate, continues to expand and is committed to upholding one of the best work environments in Southwestern Ontario. Forte is a one-stop shopping experience that offers lending, sales, renovations, joint venture opportunities, strategic growth initiatives, and much more. Ben's mission is to serve others at a higher level. Ben believes in being a faithful steward and considers his faith his greatest asset.

Rocky Garza

People Expert

Rocky believes every person wants 3 things at their CORE; they want to know what makes them unique, to be affirmed for their uniqueness, and to use their uniqueness for good. No matter the age, race, gender or socioeconomic level of any person Rocky has had the pleasure of working with, these 3 things have always been true. In Rocky's own words, "we all want to BE KNOWN.⁠"

Rocky knows first hand how hard it can be to identify what makes individuals unique on their own, as everyone can get caught in insecurities and fears.

"We look in the mirror and have a hard time seeing what everyone else says they see in us. I moved 10 times growing up, I chased every possible option trying to find myself, and no matter how hard I worked or how “special” I thought I was nothing seemed to change until I took a long hard look at WHO I was and not just WHAT I did."

Over the last 15 years, Rocky has walked alongside thousands of individuals at Sky Ranch Summer Camp as a summer camp Director, counseled and supported hundreds on the pastoral staff at Chase Oaks Church and now taken thousands through his Identity Mapping™ process leading them to have the clearest picture of who they are and how they operate best as individuals.

Matt Manero

Built/Owns a $150M+ Business

Matt launched his first company, Commercial Fleet Financing, Inc. (CFF), in 1995 with a phone, a folding table and the unyielding confidence of a single client, a trucker.

Fast forward 24 years and CFF, has funded over $1 billion in transportation equipment with annual business of $150,000,000+. CFF has served more than 10,000 clients and has become one of the largest independently owned transportation finance companies in America. CFF is a 4-time winner of Inc. Magazine’s Top 500/5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America and a 3-time winner of The SMU Cox School of Business 100 Fastest Growing Companies.

His companies have been featured in media outlets such as MSNBC, Forbes, Dallas Business Journal, Fleet Owner and Overdrive Magazine just to name a few.

Matt has been a featured TEDx speaker and is the author of two books, “The Grit,” and his most recent, “You Need More Money,” published by Penguin/Random House. He has hosted the nationally syndicated weekly radio show called “The Grit” and currently hosts his weekly podcast cast called, “You Need More Money”.

Matt and his wife Rokki have been married for 20 years and have 3 wonderful boys, John 17, Jack 15 and Julian 13. They reside in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of the GREAT STATE OF TEXAS!


Announced Soon

World-renowned super-stars, thought leaders, and business professionals will join our unique lineup. Stay tuned for new speaker announcements!
Additional speakers are on the way! Be sure to check back often as new speakers are announced.

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